About us

Like many great ideas, The Handmade Garden Storage Company was born out of frustration – and a belief in better.

Our founder Justin Hearn – a skilled craftsman, carpenter and businessman – had painstakingly restored his listed Regency home in Devon and wanted an outdoor store of fitting quality to complement it. However, despite an extensive search, he couldn’t find a shed with both the style and substance he demanded.

By combining his design flair, artisanship and an eye for detail, he now hand-makes storage, sheds, cycle stores and outbuildings of rare distinction. Garden storage to be proud of.

Sheds of Distinction

Today, The Handmade Garden Storage Company lovingly hand crafts distinctive sheds, patio cabinets and other outdoor storage for discerning clients.

We are committed to establishing a reputation for providing the very best products and service, and have developed an exacting list of principles to ensure we deliver above the ordinary:

Our Charter of Superior Standards

Quality design

We believe a shed can be so much more than functional: with style, it can also enhance and add value to your home and garden.

Therefore, we are committed to designing with diligence and authenticity.

We have considered every aspect of shed design, to see how we might improve on what is available in the marketplace. We have spent time to ensure that our core models echo the authentic period features of the UK’s most beloved architectural styles, from Georgian to Victorian. We also provide a bespoke design service for clients looking for something a little bit more individual.

Quality build

That said, we are determined that your outdoor building and storage should have substance as well as style.

Therefore, we build products that last. We do this by not compromising on materials, on time or on detail. We even apply house-construction standards to our outdoor buildings, such as using rafters instead of the purlins typically found in shed manufacture.

For more information on our material specifications and construction techniques, please click here.

As a result, we can offer an honest and  comprehensive guarantee:

Quality service

We understand that you have worked hard to achieve the best for yourself and your family, and have earned the right to demand that same work ethic, attention to detail and respect from your suppliers.

Therefore, we’re committed to being the one shed manufacturer who will return calls promptly, meet you at your convenience, quote accurately, advise knowledgeably, consult often and deliver on our promises.

For information on our shed design and consultancy services, please click here.

Quality ethics

Our company was founded on the concept of caring: about service, about quality, about distinctiveness. So it makes sense that we also consciously adhere to an ethical mode of operating.

This starts with the respect we give our clients, employees and our suppliers, and extends through to the sustainability of the source of our raw materials.

For more on our ethical standards, please see here.

Quality value

Through commitment to style, substance, service and ethics, we ensure that The Handmade Garden Storage Company continues to deliver the best value – anywhere.

If you are unsure of anything call us on 07742 991404 for an informal no-obligation conversation about your garden storage requirements.

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